Stranger to Himself

Stranger to Himself ( Biganeh Ba Khod )

Short-cuts on some lives :
An expert surgeon who doesn't believe in God's destiny , and his dying old patient. A pizza delivery guy who is forced to sell drugs, and his fiancée. A pawnbroker who pressurizes his employee because of his dept. And amateur thieves who are captured by casual of their armed rubbery.
In one hard day, these people are linked together.

Cast :

Abdoreza Akbari , Ali Ousivand , Nafise Roshan , Pendar Akbari , Mahdi Faqih , Shahram Abdoli , Mahdi Aminikhah , Elizabeth Amini

Director of Photography :

Farshad Khaleqi

Edit :

Amir Sheyban Khaqani

Music :

Nima Aziminejad

Script :

Ali Reza Kazemipour